Monthly Street Art Workshops November 3, 2013 October 30 2013

Street Art Workshops

Basics and Fundamentals 

Sunday November 3, 2013 9:am - 12:pm

Learn from street artist DUCE and gain the knowledge that he has acquired over 27 years of painting with spray paint.

He will teach you the fundamentals of blending, cutting and making straight lines. Learn how to properly hold, spray, fill in and make perfect long lines with one continuous motion. This workshop also covers blending techniques and different application processes such as masking and stenciling  

The main purpose of this workshop is to give the beginner or novice the understanding  they will need to quickly integrate the aerosol medium into their artwork. This includes information about the materials needed , differences in paint brands, spray paint nozzles, tips and tricks of the trade.

This workshop is not and art class and does not teach drawing techniques. It only addresses how to master the medium so you can apply it to your own work.

Workshops fill up fast. We prefer smaller class sizes limited to 8 students in order to provide individual attention to every students needs.

Work shops include

1. 4 Hours of instruction

2. Location

3. All Materials are provided (Spray paint, tips, surface, gloves)