Martinez Traveler Pro Skateboard Deck 8.6in x 32.11in Creature


First 100 orders, for any deck of the series will be delivered with a free Zine created by BB.
Let the Black and Green take a breather while Creach affiliate @BB_Bastidas' vivid brush strokes flex on the new Traveler Pro series. Three of our guys' favorite shapes have been chosen as canvases for you to destroy: Provider's 8.47", Milton's 8.6", and Kimbel's husky 9" wide plank. Creature Skateboards: upsetting Fine Art galleries near you.
Creature Skateboards Milton Martinez Traveler Pro Series deck featuring art by BB Bastidas @bb_bastidas with canvas textured graphic on 7 ply North American Maple pressed individually using epoxy making a strong, responsive deck with long lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.

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